5 Positive Alternatives To Social Media

5 ways to pass the time on your phone without being drained by social media.

Social Media is fun, but I’ve found it to be toxic for me at times. I’d compare myself to everything I scrolled through. It also caused damage to my self-worth because of the value I put on likes and comments. I’ve found it very beneficial to delete those apps from my phone for a few days at a time, just to keep a grasp on my sense of self-worth. Even with the apps deleted I still have the urge to look at my phone, so I decided to be productive with what I look at. The positive apps that I use in place of social media are:


Queens Hour was designed with the negative impacts of social media in mind. I wanted to do my best to counter those effects by oozing positivity, inspiration and useful information. This website is a reflection of the sermons I listen to, the character building books that I read, the mistakes I’ve had to learn from, and the messages that God has put in me to share with whoever he puts in my path.


Yes, my alternative to social media, is social media. Pinterest has a completely different culture than a site like Instagram or Facebook. It’s all about what interest you, as oppose to an array of unrealistic expectations that often make you feel inadequate. My Pinterest feed consist of fun recipes, DIY project ideas, hair care tips, positive quotes, and healthy living habits. I have the power to exclude anything that might trigger my insecurities and confidence.


When is the last time you caught up on your current events? News apps are an easy way to pass some time, and a great way to get information that could effect you as a citizen. I wouldn’t suggest spending too much time reading up on tragic news, but there’s always something new to be learned about politics, environmental change, and finances.


You can’t go wrong with a good book, and the Kindle app has so many available for free. You can find anything from a cold-case mystery, to a book filled with brain teasers. When you're tempted to escape through social media, escape in a good book instead.


LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool. Not only can you make professional connections, but it gives you access to a slew of information on personal and professional development. While scrolling down your LinkedIn you are bound to run in to articles about how to start or expand your business, how to deal with microaggressions in the work place, and even tips on how to deal with conflict.

The Bible App

You can never go wrong reading the Bible. The physical bible can sometimes look intimidating with its many pages, but the app makes reading and comprehension easy. You can highlight passages, choose from pre-made reading guides, and even connect with friends to discuss what you are reading.