My college diploma was supposed to be my ticket to success. It only took me a few months post graduation to realize that If I was going to be all that God intended me to be, Id have to do more than have a degree. I'd have to become confident and vulnerable at the same time. I need to walk in Gods way, but also be firm about my boundaries. I have to be better today, than I was yesterday. I learned to be of service to others which led me to create my youth program; Queens to be Academy, and my women’s program; Queens Hour. During my journey I gained a lot of valuable information and habits that’s I talk about in detail in my blog; A Queen’s Journey. Allow me to grow with you as you walk your own path into what God wants to do in your life.


Queens Hour promotes self-awareness, self-care, and mindfulness. It’s a space for woman seek guidance and support one another as we experience the ups and downs that accompany the process of becoming closer to God, and a better overall person. 


Queens to be Academy is a free, bible based program that is intentional about empowering girls ages 10-17 with the knowledge and resources necessary to lead a successful, happy, and purposeful life. We expose our participants to a well-rounded curriculum, designed to help them reach their full social, academic, and spiritual potential.

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